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Cam Follower

Cam Follower


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Model CF This model Cam Follower with a screw driver slot or hexagon socket in the stud head to aid mounting. An all stainless steel type (symbol M) is available for applications where corrosion resistance is required. Details / Product lineup
Model CFT Similar to our other models, this type of Cam Follower is provided with tapped holes for fixing pipe work on the stud head and the thread. to facilitate greasing from a centralised system.
Model CFH Similar to other models, this type of Cam Follower can be mounted in the same housing. However the stub shaft is eccentric which provides easy adjustment at mounting by simply turning the stud.
Model CFN Also similar to other models, this type of Cam Follower incorporates thrust ball bearings.  It is therefore capable of accomadating thrust load normally associated from mounting errors.
Model CFS The outside diameter of its outer ring is very small relative to the stud diameter, so this cam follower can accommodate highly compact designs.
Model CF-SFU To simplify installation, a flat-head slot has been machined into the stud so that it can be secured with a screw.This is ideal for units where there is no space to fasten the stud.


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